July 9, 2008



old and n00b

July 5, 2008

I’m an ancient 35 year old, and I’m just starting to learn to ride flatland bmx. Unlike most people my age, I’m really starting from scratch, not returning to riding after a long break.

It’s a little discouraging starting out so old, because most riders I see are 10 years younger than I am and have been riding for 15 years already. By the time I get 15 years of riding under my belt, I’ll be 50. Oof. But I figure I’ll be 50 in 15 years one way or another (knock on wood). I can be 50 and riding, or be 50 and always wish I’d learned to ride. So I’m learning. 🙂

We’ve been riding at a basketball court about 3 blocks from our house that nobody uses. It’s not the greatest spot; it has some pretty big grassy seams, some rough spots where goals used to be, and a huge semi-permanent puddle in the middle, but on the plus side, it’s close to the house, has a Mighty Oak Tree for shade at one end, and it’s on a busy enough street that hopefully armed robberies will be kept to a minimum. I’m slightly paranoid that my brand new bike will be stolen before I get the chance to wear it out. :s

We did some reconnaissance today, and found some promising parking lots at UNO and some abandoned tennis courts out by the lake, so an expedition may be in order for next weekend. But for everyday riding, I’ll be sticking with the trusty neighborhood basketball court.