July 9, 2008



5 Responses to “”

  1. pinkySqueak said

    switch it now before it becomes a [bad] habit; you should be grabbing the back of the seat, not the front… 🙂

  2. pinkySqueak said

    oops. sorry, unless this was supposed be an odyssey advert… in which case you did the right thing.

    btw, i heard you’re doing forkGlides 2 laps around the court…

  3. milkyusa said

    i tried grabbing the back- my hands are so sweaty they slide off! maybe i need grip tape for the seat. 😉

  4. DN said

    Hey, you fixed your picture! Or it fixed itself automagically. I can see it now.

  5. a sad man said

    i find this blog to be very interesting and insightful; you know, with the semi-bi-monthly updates and all.

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